Wild Fusion Nigeria
Wild Fusion Radio

Radio is the most intimate and socially personal medium in the world – Harry von Zell
Personally, I have always imagined what the world could have been if there was no radio to listen to.  Though there is rapid increase in communication channels like radio, tv, print and many others, I still believe the “dark media” areas have fully not been covered. This is the reason Wild Fusion Radio was created.

Wild Fusion Radio is a centralized mobile driven application that allows mobile phone users to flash a special number and be called back immediately. They get to choose from a wide array of services from listening to jokes, songs, voice messages etc. whiles listening to the jingles of various brands during ‘waiting periods.’

It is an easy-to-use and free mobile service that provides entertainments and ads in remote areas that are hard to reach by other media regardless of one’s network provider.

The audio content on the WF radio has been translated into various languages for easy usage. Users can call as often as they want and explore all the other services because it is absolutely free!

4 Reasons Why You Need Wild Fusion Radio

  1. It is relatively affordable and specially designed to reach your target audience.
  2. Easy way to track and monitor audience behavior.
  3. WF Radio communicates the ads of the various brands in a very subtle and witty way thereby engaging users more.
  4. WF Radio reaches “media dark” areas where traditional media like TV, Print and Radio cannot reach.

WF Radio continues to be highly successful in reaching and engaging consumers or customers everywhere and most importantly in ‘media dark” places.

Do well to incorporate the Wild Fusion Radio into your next marketing strategy!