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The Wonderful World Of Email Marketing- Tricks & Treats!

Email Marketing


Easily share your campaign on social networks, send your campaign to only your target audience, get immediate feedback from your campaign and track your result – that’s the wonderful world of email marketing 🙂

Whether you are a large scale retail business in the financial sector or an SME, a well-planned and crafted email can generate more clicks and conversions, lead to more customers and avoid spam filters. Here are simple tricks to achieving success in your next email marketing campaign.


In creating an email marketing campaign, tap into current trending online events. Email recipients respond well to messages that borrow from current events. Try the following;

  • Create template designs similar to an upcoming event, for example: Nigeria would be playing a football match with Brazil in a week, prepare two different email templates declaring each team the champion and once a winner emerges send your email using the template reflecting the champions.


Make your headlines compelling and succinct; feature them throughout the body of your email content since they draw the eye to the text. It is very important to choose images that tell a story to enhance the value and retention of the message. Your emails need to be optimized for smartphones i.e. You need to make sure your emails can be read on mobile devices.


Always segment your database screen subscribers as soon as they sign up for your mailing list, segment your subscribers based on age, gender, industry segment and more. This will allow you understand your audience content needs and send relevant content. Grow your list by sending timely messages to your followers using twitter or Facebook. Let your followers on Twitter know when you have a new email newsletter.

Create a message that would lead a follower to sign-up and remember to include shortened URLs that lead to the newsletter sign-up page. With the growth of mobile devices in this market, explore the use of short-codes to get users to opt-in to receiving your email newsletter by sending their emails to the short-code number.


So they have taken the time to feed you with their data and have asked you to sell to them; you should reward them for this. Provide incentives to your email subscribers via social media. You have their details, you know their birthdays, send them a gift; it could be a ticket to the movies! Send this via your social media platforms.

Finally, keep your emails simple and entertaining. Explore new opportunities presented from social media platforms and mobile devices. Drive engagement through relevant, user-friendly communication. Email remains one of the most profitable marketing channels today and will remain so into the future.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Agatha is the Client Service Manager for Wild Fusion Limited. She has valuable years of experience in creative online marketing & sales solutions. She is also a social media enthusiast and is digitally extraordinaire. She loves to watch movies/series;  ‘Game of Thrones’ tops her list.