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These are a few pointers that all Social Media Managers, Executives, Associates and anyone else with the heart for digital marketing should have at their fingertips. Very easy to digest and delivered with enough brevity for key take out purposes.

1. Choose the right Social Media Network
Social media is an interesting space or place and can easily be misused or abused if one is not abreast with ‘what goes where.’ Every platform has their audience tailored or wired in a specific way. For example for a brand to thrive on a platform like LinkedIn, that brand would have to be posting content of significant value that suggests thought leadership in that specific field. If at some point, that same brand decides to constantly post humorous content on their LinkedIn page, their followers would begin to disregard their future posts and deem them to be unserious. Simply because LinkedIn is a page for professionals and they may not necessarily be as easy going as Facebook or Twitter followers.

2. Have a Consistent Brand Image Across All Platforms
Consistency is everything! The brand logo, brand essence or personality, tone of voice and creatives should be replicated across all platforms. It would be very inappropriate to be visually recognized on one platform say Facebook to have a particular colour and then have something entirely different on Twitter or Pinterest. This creates confusion amongst fans and the consequent propensity for them to not associate your brand with a particular ‘look.’ Minor nuances in appearance during Seasonal occasions and other festivities are reasonable but anything outside that would diminish the brands authenticity.

3. Content Quality Over Quantity
On social media it does not really matter how much you write, post or share what really matters is the true value or weight of those postings. Due to the ephemeral nature of most sites for example the average span for a Facebook post is 14 hours and this can means that on an average only 57 percent of one’s fans or followers might see their post. Very good content has the tendency to be shared, retweeted, liked etcetera thus increasing the brands visibility and promoting earned media for that brand.

4. Set Measurable Goals
Clearly define how you want Social Media to help your business. Common goals include building brand awareness, gaining new followers, increasing brand engagement, strengthening customer base etcetera. Do well to acknowledge where you are, have a good foresight of where you want to go and the path you would want to use to get there.

5. Be Social!
One of the unwritten commandments etched into the tablet of every individual on Social Media is to be Social. It would be outlandish for a brand to thrive on a platform like Facebook or Twitter and not interact with its followers or fans. Occasionally jump in on existing and relevant conversations, post riddles and questions answer questions and respond to comments that matter. The goal is to humanize the brand as much as possible so fans can easily relate to the brand and feel like they are your ‘friends.’ These are the major steps needed to ensure a well structured Social Media Marketing best practices.

Implementing  a comprehensive Social Media Marketing best practice and culture for your business takes time and effort.

Client Solutions & Social Media Executive at Wild Fusions Ghana